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Recipe of Dried Fruit Flan

This dried fruit flan recipe is a personalized version of the flan that is already available in a bag. For a better taste and a better consistency, this flan contains dried fruits, white chocolate and nuts coconut. Depending on the country and region, the recipe dried fruit flan is also called flan in a bag, raisin flan, vanilla flan in a bag, prune flan, white chocolate flan...

6 pers.

5 min
8 min

Category : Desserts, breads, cakes and pastries

📃 Ingredients of Flan en Sachet

The 6 ingredients to make Dried Fruit Flan are:

  • 600ml of whole milk
  • a bag of vanilla flank
  • a handful of raisins
  • 3 prunes
  • a little coconut (to sprinkle)
  • a few squares of white chocolate

With these quantities, you will be able to serve dried fruit flan to approximately 6 people. You just have to adapt these measures according to the number of covers.

How to prepare Flan en Sachet?

You will have a total of 13 minutes, between the preparation and cooking of flan en sachet. Here are the 7 Steps required to prepare this recipe.

Step 1

  • Heat the milk until it boils

Step 2

  • Remove the milk from the heat.

Step 3

  • Integrate the sachet into the milk and mix well with a whisk

Step 4

  • Incorporate the white chocolate

Step 5

  • In a small ramekin, place the raisins and prunes cut into small pieces then pour the desired amount of flank according to the size of the ramekin.

Step 6

  • Sprinkle the coconut flanks.

Step 7

  • Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours before tasting.

Dried Fruit Flan on video

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Dried Fruit Flan on Youtube

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